Bridging the gap for reskilling and new Ohana members

Frédérique Mounier is a former communications pro, stay-at-home mom, who switched career, from reskilling to Salesforce Solution Architect. 8× certified, Lyon WiT Cgl, golden hoodie, owned by a 9y old and a black cat.

How to reach out to new Ohana members (example of the reskilling audience, aplicable for students too) ,
Understanding of new members specific needs
How to meet their specific needs, ( PPT portfolio, events, trailhead toolkits, CV doctoring) make a meaningful impact.
Personal benefits : human experience,n professional growth, qualitity network, visibility, jobs opportunities

Salesforce AppExchange Demo-Jam

Salesforce AppExchange Demo-Jam by MyWage

Come to see our partners showing you their applications in 3 minutes. No need to have a call with them taking 1 hour of your time, if you can learn everything in such short time. And we will award the best of them at the end.