Turn Feedback Into Features: Voice of the Customer Lessons from Salesforce

As part of the Salesforce Customer & Market Insights team, Scott focuses on customer feedback at scale, leading the product and program strategy for the Salesforce IdeaExchange and Known Issues sites. His team works with customers and product teams to ensure customers influence the Salesforce product roadmap.

Previous to Salesforce, Scott held audit, technology and communication roles in the healthcare industry at McKesson, and IT advisory roles at EY.

Using Salesforce Flow and custom objects, you can structure the way you capture feedback from your customers (internal or external) in your main Salesforce org. You can take the next step to engage your customers by implementing a crowd-sourcing solution similar to the Salesforce IdeaExchange. And it’s not just about the technology, but the culture and program needed to make an effort like this succeed.

Bridging the gap for reskilling and new Ohana members

Frédérique Mounier is a former communications pro, stay-at-home mom, who switched career, from reskilling to Salesforce Solution Architect. 8× certified, Lyon WiT Cgl, golden hoodie, owned by a 9y old and a black cat.

How to reach out to new Ohana members (example of the reskilling audience, aplicable for students too) ,
Understanding of new members specific needs
How to meet their specific needs, ( PPT portfolio, events, trailhead toolkits, CV doctoring) make a meaningful impact.
Personal benefits : human experience,n professional growth, qualitity network, visibility, jobs opportunities

Salesforce AppExchange Demo-Jam

Salesforce AppExchange Demo-Jam by MyWage

Come to see our partners showing you their applications in 3 minutes. No need to have a call with them taking 1 hour of your time, if you can learn everything in such short time. And we will award the best of them at the end.