LEAPin Conference Tirana 2023

LEAPin Conference Tirana 2023

LEAPin Albania 2023 is organized for the 7th year in Albania by LDA Europe. LEAPin Albania
is a conference that will bring together speakers from different fields. Speakers are well-known
individuals who have succeeded in various fields such as entrepreneurship, politics, art, education,
culture, acting, journalism, television, and so on.
LEAP stands for Learn, Engage, Act, Progress and aims to bring together in a long
interesting summit several motivational speakers, that will share their life experiences and
motivate youth to achieve their goals. An important part of the Leap in Conference will be the
model that we will inflict on participants about being civilly engaged and how being part of the
community will improve their future and will make progress felt in previous generations. This is
the 7th year that LEAP in Albania is organized, but this conference will be huge, innovative, and
full of surprises. Also, it is essential to be an active listener in topics like public speaking, selfimprovement, politics, innovation, and marketing, that impact youngster careers directly. All the
challenges a youngster can face nowadays in order to succeed is shared by the speakers with the
public. At the end of this conference, youngsters will have a renewed mindset towards success and
opportunities that can be found in our country

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